Top 6 Vitamin D Rich Dry Fruits, Nuts & Foods to Eat!

Top 6 Vitamin D Rich Dry Fruits, Nuts & Foods to Eat!

What are some of the best Vitamin D rich dry fruits, foods, and nuts? Find out below!

India is a nation where sunlight is abundant. Being a tropical country, there is no lack of sunshine and the vitamin D it contains for us! But despite that, there is a severe shortage of the said vitamin in so many of us. The modern urban lifestyle hardly lets us enjoy the sunlight anymore. Plus with increased levels of global warming, it gets more dangerous to stay in the sun too long in the afternoon. With all these added complications, many of us have a lack of Vitamin D in our bodies, even as adults.

In such cases, one way to make sure we get a sufficient dosage is by regularly consuming foods that are high in Vitamin D. These include vitamin D rich dry fruits, nuts, and other fruits and vegetables. Changing your diet to accommodate your hectic lifestyle can really help to change your health around to one that is full of vitamins and nutrients. Before we start, here is how vitamin D rich dry fruits, nuts, and other foods are good for your body:

  • Helps you stay focused and make better decisions.
  • May reduce the risk of breast or colon cancer.
  • Maintains bone resistance and density.
  • Builds healthy muscles.
  • May aid in weight loss.

Here are the top 6 Vitamin D rich dry fruits, foods, and nuts you should definitely add to your diet!

6 Vitamin Rich Dry Fruits, Nuts, and Other Foods to Add To Your Meals

1. Cashews

First on the list of vitamin D rich dry fruits and nuts is the famous cashew nut! It is known to be a great source of bringing good health to you through its high vitamin D content. Apart from Vitamin D, the nut is also high in vitamin B6, magnesium, manganese, and phosphorus. These nuts help us lose weight, maintain good heart health, and control our blood sugar levels.

Vitamin D rich Dry Fruits, Nuts, & Foods!

2. Hazelnuts

Next on vitamin D rich dry fruits and nuts is the hazelnut! Known for having a delicious natural taste, the hazelnut is also home to many other nutrients, vitamin D being one of them. Some other nutrients you consume along hazelnuts are vitamin B6, folate, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc. Further, hazelnuts are also linked with lower chances of developing cancer and decreasing inflammation.

Vitamin D rich Dry Fruits, Nuts, & Foods!

3. Almonds

Although they are known to have a high content of other nutrients, almonds are also a good source of vitamin D. If you do not want to eat almonds plain, almond milk is a great alternative to your required dose of vitamin D. Most famously, almonds are well-known to keep your memory sharp, and thus often act as pre-exam snacks! This is true as along with being vitamin D rich dry fruits, almonds are also brain nuts, which have many other health benefits to both our mind and body. Read this blog to discover Almond Benefits!

Vitamin D rich Dry Fruits, Nuts, & Foods!

4. Figs

Figs are also called anjeer and are a big source of vitamin D. They are also high in phosphorus and calcium. All these keep your bones strong by improving bone density. Other vitamins found in these dried fruits are vitamins C, A, and B, which contribute to other health benefits such as strong digestion and regulated blood pressure.

Vitamin D rich Dry Fruits, Nuts, & Foods!

5. Mushrooms

One of the leading vegetables with the most amount of Vitamin D is mushrooms. In fact, adding these to your diet up to four times a week can drastically boost your vitamin D levels. Mushrooms are everyone’s favorite, and they can be eaten in several ways. Sun-dried mushrooms provide even more benefits to us.

Vitamin D rich Dry Fruits, Nuts, & Foods!

6. Soy Milk

Soy milk is another good source of vitamin D rich foods you can consume daily. This is plant-based milk made from soybeans when they are soaked, dried, and ground. Along with vitamin D, they are also especially high in protein, Vitamin C, and iron.

Vitamin D rich Dry Fruits, Nuts, & Foods!


One of the biggest roles vitamin D plays is in helping the absorption of calcium into the bones. This is why it is very important to consume vitamin D rich dry fruits, nuts, and other foods as soon as possible for a healthier lifestyle in the long run. The food items in this blog are some of the healthiest options for consuming vitamin D naturally.

They are also easily available around you and affordable to add to your regular meal plan. For more regular nuts, dry fruits, and seed consumption, try Xinoa Bites! Our natural and super-healthy energy bars are packed with protein and make for delicious snacks. Stock up on your favorite flavours today!

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