6 Surprisingly Great Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate!

6 Surprisingly Great Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate!

One of the facts that surprises people the most is when I tell them to eat more dark chocolate! Being a health fanatic, many don’t expect me to be a chocolate lover, but dark chocolate has always been something I consume and actively promote. While anything eaten in excess is terrible, the right amount of dark chocolate can work wonders for your overall health. There are countless benefits of eating dark chocolate, and these are all delicious!

In fact, those on a diet can also indulge in this delicious delicacy! You might be wondering, is dark chocolate good for weight loss? In reality, yes one of the health benefits of eating dark chocolate is that it may help you lose weight! Here is how:

Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate

Is Dark Chocolate Good for Weight Loss?

Yes! This is why:

  1. It Improves your Metabolism: Filled with monounsaturated fatty acids, which are a good type of fats, the benefits of eating dark chocolate include improved metabolism, and helping you burn your calories quicker! These types of good fats are also found in nuts!
  2. Reduces Insulin Spike: Dark Chocolate contains healthy fats, which help slow down the absorption of sugar into your blood. This helps curb insulin spikes.
  3. Helps you Control Cravings: Die-hard Chocolate lovers know the effect of dark chocolate- and the satisfaction that comes with it. But, it has also been scientifically proven that the satisfaction that comes with consuming dark chocolate gets rid of cravings for other sweet and savory food.
  4. Motivates you to Exercise: It’s a little-known secret, but dark chocolate really makes you happy! The benefits of eating dark chocolate include getting into a motivational mindset that pushes you to hit the gym and exercise. Plus, its anti-inflammatory properties soothe post-workout burn and pain as well.

Now that you know the answer to the question, “Is dark chocolate good for weight loss”, let’s move on to other health benefits of eating dark chocolate. Here are the top 6 Health benefits that make this bittersweet treat a perfect snack you must add to your diet!

Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate

6 Marvelous Health Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate!

1. It’s a Brain Food

Not many people know the term “neuro-nutrition”. This is food that specifically nurtures your brain due to certain nutrients. These nutrients also differ from the ones the rest of your body needs, help reduce brain fog and slow thinking, and increase brain function to make you smarter! Further, dark chocolate contains high amounts of flavanol cocoa, which has been linked to improving blood flow to brains, effectively increasing brain functionality including verbal learning, increased attention span, and better memory.

It’s also an important tool in the battle against mental health issues. Dark chocolate helps cure depression with its mood-boosting abilities. Its dopamine and energy-inducing compounds have antidepressant effects on our brains.

Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate

2. Rich in Antioxidants

Not just dark, but any type of chocolate is extremely rich in antioxidants. A few of these include polyphenols, flavanols, catechins, and many more.

3. Regulates Blood Flow & Blood Pressure

Many studies conducted concluded that one of the benefits of eating dark chocolate includes the regulation of blood flow and blood pressure. As mentioned above, dark chocolate contains flavonoids, which help create Nitric Oxide in our bodies. This Nitric Oxide helps our arteries relax, and as a result, there is less friction in blood flow and lower blood pressure.

4. Its Heart Healthy

This bittersweet treat is good for your brain, body, blood, tastebuds, and even your heart! The benefits of eating dark chocolate are linked to a lower chance of cardiovascular diseases. Dark chocolate is protective against the oxidation of LDL, which causes lodges in your arteries.

5. Good for Your Skin!

More benefits of eating dark chocolate include how good it is for your skin! The bioactive compounds in dark chocolate act as a sunscreen, and its blood-flowing abilities bring more blood to your face, leaving you looking like you glow!

6. Nurtures Cell Damage

Dark Chocolate is rich in antioxidants that help fight cell damage. These antioxidants fight against free radicals, and also help pump more blood. This has also been linked to cancer prevention.

Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate


Now that you are aware of all the super health benefits of eating dark chocolate, I do hope you choose to indulge in your cravings more often! Do keep in mind that the suggested intake of dark chocolate by experts is only 28 grams. Any dark chocolate with 70% or more cacao content and minimal or no sugar is the healthiest!

If you are looking for a dark chocolate treat, try out Xinoa Bites’ Dark Chocolate Energy Bar. It also has the added goodness of nuts, dry fruits, and honey, and is made of all-natural ingredients. Stock up on this flavor today!

14/11/2022 Parsh

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