Best Nuts for Skin and Hair: Eat 7 Super Nuts & Grains to Glow!

Best Nuts for Skin and Hair Eat 7 Super Nuts & Grains to Glow!

With winter around the corner, it’s more important than ever to keep your skin and hair hydrated at all times. Some best nuts for skin and hair can help! The dry weather can take a toll on your skin & hair and leaves it flaky and frizzled. While beauty products, creams, lotions, and moisturizers can help a little, you can provide nutrition from the inside to your skin and health as well.

The best methods to improve the quality of your skin and hair are through internal nutrition and a mindful diet, and healing from the inside simply cannot compare to trying to heal your skin and hair from the outside.

I am pretty sure everyone knows that nuts are super healthy for you. They are the perfect snacking option, and the nutrients jam-packed in them make sure that you live a long and healthy life. One of these benefits includes being responsible for making your skin and hair smooth and silky and helping them develop a natural glow. This is possible due to the nutrients including Vitamin C, A, and E, Copper, Zinc, and Minerals. Add these best nuts for skin and hair, and get glowing and healthy skin and hair!

The Best Nuts for Skin and Hair: Eat these 7 Nuts & Grains!

1. Walnuts

Best Nuts for Skin and Hair

Walnuts are without a doubt one of the best nuts for skin and hair. This delicious nut rejuvenates your skin, and chases away any dullness! The anti-inflammatory properties residing in these due to omega-3 fatty acids help a lot. Your skin health is particularly made better due to the Vitamin B levels eating walnuts brings to you. These also keep face lines and wrinkles away! Here are a few walnut benefits for our brain!

2. Almonds

Best Nuts for Skin and Hair

These crunchy and tasty nuts are one of the best nuts for skin and hair. Due to being full of essential nutrients like fiber, fatty acids, and proteins, they work wonders for your outer beauty and inner health! Vitamin E is responsible for keeping the blood vessels on your face dilated and hydrated. This helps with eczema, acne, and dark spots due to pimples. Almonds keep dry and inflamed skin away! Check out this blog for more almond benefits and nutritional facts!

3. Cashews

Best Nuts for Skin and Hair

Sick and tired of facial acne? Introduce some cashews to your diet! The nutrients in these rich nuts are best known for their acne-fighting properties. For starters, they contain a high amount of selenium, which behaves like an antioxidant. This nut is also particularly high in Vitamin E, which as you know keeps your skin hydrated and fresh. Further, the zinc content in cashews pushes healing and cell growth, which zeros in on dark spots or any face infections. All these factors make cashews one of the best nuts for skin and hair!

4. Pistachios

Best Nuts for Skin and Hair

The primary way in which Pistachios fight acne is through antioxidants. Eating pistachios also contribute to controlled blood sugar. Blood sugar helps circulate androgen, which causes acne and pimples. Pistachios might be filled with heart-healthy fats, but they provide good cholesterol, making them one of the best nuts for skin and hair.

5. Brazil Nuts

Best Nuts for Skin and Hair

Another type of super healthy nut, brazil nuts are high in selenium, which is super good for your skin and hair! Brazil nuts are high in selenium, which is best known to keep your skin firm and fresh. Plus, the fungus that’s caused by dandruff is tackled by selenium, making it one of the best ways to get rid of dandruff. They are best to fight against brittle hair and nails. Brazil nuts are also packed with omega-3 fatty acids, good for your skin and brain.

6. Chia Seeds

Best Nuts for Skin and Hair

Although they are a type of grain, chia seeds are also an excellent choice to improve the quality of your skin and hair. They are coolants, and with their positive effect on our brain and gut, they impact our skin quality positively.

7. Pumpkin Seeds

Best Nuts for Skin and Hair

Pumpkin seeds are ideal for the protection of your skin. These act like natural sunscreen and effectively protect your skin from UV damage and other harmful radiation. These seeds are high in protein and their oil makes sure your hair is healthy.


Know that you are aware of these best nuts for skin and hair, you must add them to your daily diet. Not only will they benefit your hair and skin quality, but they also promote an overall healthy lifestyle. If you are looking for snacks with a variety of nuts, especially those mentioned above, a fantastic option is Xinoa Bites. Our protein-packed energy bars are full of nuts, dry fruits, and seeds, and make snacking healthy! Plus, we have all-natural ingredients, such as honey, and add no preservatives, sugar, or artificial flavors. Stock up on your favorite flavors today!

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