About Us

Progress = Happiness!

With the mantra, a Fitness Fanatic who deeply relates to good health habits created these energy bars out of his own needs. Meet Parsh Runwal 🙂

  • 20-Year-Old Cricket Enthusiastic
  • Based out of Pune
  • Witty 😀
  • Dedicated n Sincere
  • Right Hand Fast Bowler
  • Played for clubs

Our Story

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    A vegetarian sports/cricket player who wished to have a pure veg energy bar that could fill the hunger and taste better than sugary bars.

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    That was when an idea struck his mind to introduce an energy bar with multiple flavors made of pure dry fruits, healthy seeds, honey, and dates.

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    He formed a team of nutritionists & dieticians to create perfect energy bar recipes that can fill the tummy, taste awesome and is super healthy.

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    Finally, Xiona Bites came to life where each energy bar is handmade and is filled with rich ingredients.


What’s different in Xinoa Bites

Here’s how we are different from other energy bars and what makes us the best option as an Anytime Snack:

What’s different in Xinoa Bites

Here’s how we are different from other energy bars and what makes us the best option as an Anytime Snack:

Completely Handmade

A completely handmade process where our team picks the best dry fruits, seeds, and other ingredients and prepares the energy bars with hands. Bars that are not made in a factory or with machines adding a personal touch of care.

No Preservatives

Adding artificial preservatives attracts obesity and increases fatty acids. Xinoa Bites uses naturally occurring preservatives making it the most healthy energy bar option that lasts longer in an organic manner.

High-Quality Dry Fruits & Seeds

Seeds that are a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, & flax seeds are a major ingredient of Xinoa Bites Energy Bars. These seeds are supremely helpful in maintaining a healthy weight, controlling cholesterol, etc.


Gluten-free energy bars by Xinoa Bites help in improving the immune system and absorb nutrients in food. It is crucial to know what you eat and the consequences of your eating habits and hence, we have maintained complete transparency when it comes to ingredients.

No Artificial Flavors

Why add artificial flavors when you can directly taste the mouthwatering taste of honey, crunchy seeds, multiple dry fruits, and much more? Xinoa Bites has the core belief of encouraging healthy eating habits amongst youngsters & even elders.

No Added Sugar

Sugar being a processed ingredient increases the risk of high blood pressure, inflammation, weight gain, heart diseases, strokes, fatty liver, etc. Hence, Xinoa Bites uses organic honey as these are natural sweeteners.